Women in Nuclear Decommissioning Initiative from WiN Global

Women in Nuclear Global has announced the launch of the Women in Nuclear Decommissioning Initiative (WINDI).

WINDI is an initiative for women involved in the decommissioning process to create an interdisciplinary team of WiN Global members.

The aim of WINDI is to encourage the participation of women in the decommissioning of nuclear installations, by attracting as many talented professionals as possible to this innovative technology sector.

The WINDI initiative provides:

• holding regular meetings within an interdisciplinary network of representatives of various organizations, companies, countries and industries to discuss trends, best practices and gender issues in the decommissioning sector;

• organization of gender-balanced webinars, workshops, discussion panels, conferences and other events;

• promoting initiatives to draw attention to women professionals in the field of decommissioning of nuclear facilities and attracting young ambitious professionals to the sector.

You also have the opportunity to join WINDI. To do this, by October 15, 2021, you need to send your applications to the e-mail WiN Ukraine –

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