WINS International Guide of Best Practices translated into Ukrainian by WiN Ukraine for distribution to CEBs

The World Institute for Nuclear Safety (WINS) has published a Guide to International Best Practices for Gender Equality in Nuclear Safety.

In preparing this Guide, WINS experts relied on the personal experience of nuclear security specialists around the world and the information obtained from a survey of WINS members on attitudes towards gender equality in nuclear security. The Guide reaffirms WINS ‘readiness to protect women in the field of nuclear physical security, encouraging organizations to promote gender parity at all levels.

WIN Ukraine recently translated the Guide into Ukrainian and, in order to achieve gender parity at the national level, distributed it to the executive branch.

WiN Ukraine is convinced that this Guide is another important step towards gender equality, which is a prelude to development and positive change in all areas of activity, including nuclear safety.

We hope that the methodologies included in the WINS Guide will be used and managed by all government agencies, their heads and employees.

You can get acquainted with the Ukrainian version of the Guide by calling: https:
//drive.google.com /…/ 10de470ukYD9f4jc8K … / view …

Enjoy and achieve gender parity with us!

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