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WiN Ukraine presents a teaser of the film dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

WiN Ukraine presents a teaser of the film dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

In April 2021 we launched an initiative dedicated to the commemoration of the Chornobyl disaster – “Women of Chornobyl”. We were about to make a video dedicated to this commemoration date, to remember how it was comparing to the Exclusion Zone as of today. But the war changed our plans and put the issue of security in nuclear energy on the first place. And it is important for all of us today to show our unity, our national identity, our strength.

We recorded a series of interviews with well-known experts from our organization and other invited characters, in which they shared their impressions of recent tragic events, assessments of the situation and thoughts on the future. These interviews turned out to be so emotional and meaningful that we decided to make a documentary out of them. Today we present you the trailer, and you will see the full version very soon!

Topics to be covered in the film:

  • The Chornobyl accident – 36 years after
  • War behind the eyes of our experts
  • Exclusion zone: days of occupation and the threat of a new accident
  • Consequences and losses for the enterprises of the exclusion zone
  • Military actions and nuclear security
  • The role of women in further recovery
  • Messages for the world

“… in 1986, one reactor exploded, the 4th reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which contained 200 tons of fuel. Nowadays, at the spent nuclear fuel storage facility, 2,500 tons of fuel is contained. This accident could develop in the Fukushima NPP scenario”, – Yurii Shybetskyi, senior fellow at the Radioenvironmental Centre of NAS of Ukraine, member of the National Commission on Radiation Protection of Ukraine, notes.

“What if IT happened again?”

So, we present to your attention a documentary trailer (with English subtitles) about the non-trivial transformation of events from April 1986 to April 2022. The full version of the documentary you will see very soon!

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