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WiN Ukraine presented a documentary film announced in April

We bring to your attention a documentary film created these months by a team of like-minded people about the events that shook the whole civilized world!

To this year’s anniversary of the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in the context of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which caused the unauthorized seizure of the exclusion zone and multi-million losses from the occupation already exactly 36 years after the accident itself, the WiN Ukraine team created and presented a video product of a socio-cognitive nature. The scale of the new accident that could occur as a result of this invasion (which is an undeniable act of nuclear terrorism) could be even worse than the disaster of 1986!

These and other events in the film are discussed by our renowned experts in their online interviews. The film starred: Iurii Shybetskyi, Denys Vyshnevskyi, Mariia Verbylo, Tetiana Nikitina, Svitlana Kulchytska, Hanna Shepel, Alyona Samsonenko, Yaroslav Yemelianenko, Victoriia Melnychuk-Volodkina, Tetiana Kniazhnytska, Nataliia Poiarkova, Anatolii Sydorenko, Oleksandr Syrota, Baba Ganya and others.

We thank our experts for the opportunity to cooperate and the materials provided by them for our joint film!

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