WiN Ukraine organized friendly networking for employees of the SAUEZM structure

On the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, the leadership of WiN Ukraine organized a solemn evening meeting in Vienna, where representatives of the SAUEZM structure (as well as other experts of the organization) were present at the time as part of working visits.

The meeting of stakeholders was held in a semi-formal atmosphere and was devoted to discussing the current situation in the Exclusion Zone and developments in the nuclear field in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine, as well as exchanging personal experiences during the occupation.

The participants of the meeting congratulated each other on the Constitution Day, expressed their best wishes to Ukraine – victory, peace, prosperity, harmony, inspiration – and hope to continue this format of meetings in Ukraine immediately after the victory!

For WiN Ukraine it is important to support experts in all areas, especially in difficult times for the country, and we have done, are doing and will do so that everyone involved in the activities of our organization could feel part of a special community that does such important things. And this kind of joint friendly activities are especially needed today – because now we have very little time and opportunity for such a reunion and exchange of ideas live. It gives us inspiration and new ideas about what we can do together! “ – noted in WiN Ukraine.

Among the invited participants of the meeting were: Maksym Shevchuk (representative of the SAUEZM), Oleksandr Novikov (representative of ChNPP), Serhii Hrinchenko (representative of SSE “CERWM”), Natalia Poyarkova (representative of SSE “CERWM”), Denis Rozenkov (representative of SSE “CERWM”) ), Anna Shepel (representative of the Igor Sikorsky KPI), as well as representatives of WINS – Lars Van Dassen and Whitney Catherine Isaacs.

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