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WiN Ukraine keeps going to operate in a remote format during hostilities

We inform that despite the remote format of the Secretariat’s work (given russia’s military aggression, the Kyiv office has temporarily suspended its operation), we continue to be active not only in providing humanitarian and financial support, but also in implementing our objectives.

In these difficult times for us, the international community continues to provide all the necessary support for our activities. In particular, we report on a temporary merger between the World Institute for Nuclear Safety (a non-governmental organization with an office in Vienna, Austria) and WiN Ukraine in a collaboration format.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), which has designated WiN Ukraine as the Swedish Regulatory Support Office (in peacetime) since the beginning of this year, stays with us as well and remains our friend, donor and partner.

Apart from the aforementioned, the organization`s management, comprising of its co-founders Margaryta Rayets and Anastasiia Nechytailo, targets its independent professional activities in areas of not only joint project activities in various fields, but also, given current difficult circumstances in our country, expert work within its competence in order to disseminate truthful information about the russian aggression, namely about acts of nuclear terrorism. After all, proper professional representation abroad and protection of the national interests by diplomatic means are the civic duty of every conscious citizen who is being abroad now and especially employed in the nuclear field!

An arduous journey lies ahead of us, so we will have to make joint efforts to strengthen Ukraine’s influence on the international scene after the victory!

Our experts, our volunteers, our sincere friends and partners – those genuine people who stay with us for years and are committed to our common endeavor no matter what – can always count on any support and friendship from the organization! Both in peacetime and during the war, our team remains with us (many of them you can see in the updated list on our website)! All these people have been working to support our citizens and country!

Always together!
Together to the victory!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

President Margaryta Rayets
Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo

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