WiN Ukraine joined the #CranesforOurFuture flash mob 

Deliver a Message of Hope 🕊 Pledge to fold paper cranes and share them online along with others around the world between August 5-9.

1️⃣ Fold your crane. Use any square sheet of paper – origami or regular copier paper.

2️⃣ Take a photo of you holding your crane in your palm, or take a photo with friends and family.

3️⃣ Dream up your vision
What does a future without nuclear weapons mean to you? How would it affect you, your family, and your community?

4️⃣ Post your photo and your vision for a world without nuclear weapons to social media between August 5 and 9.

When posting, remember to connect your post to everyone else’s by using the hashtag #CranesForOurFuture.

Read more details following the link – https://lnkd.in/dgCQqT4M

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