WiN Ukraine joined the 29th Annual WiN Global Conference

On April 23, 2022, the 29th Annual WIN Global Conference started in Tokyo, Japan, attended by WiN Ukraine, namely President Margaryta Rayets and Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo under the auspices of WINS together with WIND Academy Director Roland Fletcher.

This year’s Conference is dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the Fukushima Accident, the evolution of decommissioning and reconstruction.

The participants of the Conference will exchange information on a number of topics on three days, including:

– current state and problems of decommissioning of Fukushima-Daichi NPP;

– the status and decommissioning problems currently available worldwide;

– the role of nuclear energy in addressing climate change;

– gender balance in the nuclear sector.

In the opening remarks, WiN Global President Dominique Mouillot said: “Nuclear energy must be part of green energy to meet emission targets, reduce energy poverty and improve the quality of life through better access to basic services, health and education for all ”.

The event will allow experts from around the world to learn from Japan’s valuable experience after the Fukushima Accident, as well as learn about the history of decommissioning, reconstruction of disaster-affected regions and learn about ways to develop Japan’s nuclear energy.

As part of the event, the organizers also announced a fundraiser to help Ukraine.

Today, in a state of martial law, the participation in such events, communication with the international community and advocating the interests of the country in the international arena are especially important for our country. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi also emphasizes this: “To win, we must each and everyone work for this. In particular, those in the rear. Help the army, protect the needs of our state on all international platforms to which you have access. In communication with foreign journalists, even just with your friends and acquaintances abroad, every vote counts. ”

More details about the conference – a little later in our news.

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