WiN Ukraine held a charity networking brunch

On July 30, 2023, for the first time this year, we held a charity networking brunch which was dedicated to the celebration of the 3-year anniversary of the establishment of WiN Ukraine. An exchange of ideas and energy, followed by lecture by a guest speaker, a lottery draw, a charity collection and a presentation of the results of WiN Ukraine’s activities and plans for the future.

We are grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that we have the opportunity to gather here today, share our successes with each other and talk about future projects.

WiN Ukraine President Margaryta Rayets during her welcoming speech has noted that WiN Ukraine is a hub of opportunities where everyone can apply their expertise,and that our organization will keep on promoting its values within the atomic community like an umbrella during a storm, continuing to act on the so-called energy diplomatic front against the spread of negative narratives towards Ukrainian nuclear sector.

WiN Ukraine also strives to support both personal and professional development,and this applies not only to conducting events and various trainings,but also to providing the opportunity to listen to various motivational lectures.The networking brunch was no exception, and our participants had the opportunity to listen to an informative lecture by a fashion analyst, “personal and rational stylist” Irena Vintsyuk. Irena told the atomic girls how to combine Ukrainian ethnic traditions with modern style. “Ukrainian fashion was divided “before the war” and “after the war”, just like our life in general. Today it is important to broadcast that we are Ukrainians,but this should not be a trend – it should be a necessity.It is through fashion that we can identify our people, and it’s cool when you do it consciously and intellectually.” – Irena emphasized.

The code of a Ukrainian is in the language, it is the integration of Ukrainian traditions into a modern lifestyle, it is your clothes with ethnic motifs, as Irena noted. And we will add that the code of a Ukrainian is the ability to be happy and appreciate every moment, no matter what, and spread positive vibes.

It should be also noted that in these hard times WiN Ukraine promotes and supports Ukrainian brands and business.

In this regard, are very grateful to:

Restaurant “Belkin”, which received us hospitably,
Ukrainian brands Love and Loss, Savka Accessories, Fizi, Syano, Bodo,
Also the Kontramarka platform, the Physio Pro rehabilitation center,
Confectionery Kremova,
Cool’ka, BestDruk, BiBirki agencies.

At the end of the brunch, we altogether blew out the candles on the festive cake and made one common wish for everyone, which will definitely come true – the earliest possible Victory of Ukraine!

Donation gathered at the brunch was transferred to the NGO “Zemlyachki” to our women soldiers for the uniform to be sewed.

Let’s keep on working for our mutual goals!

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