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WiN Ukraine celebrates three years since its creation!

Three years!

And we have something to be proud of!

We implemented 9 educational and social projects, the participants of which were more than 1,000 nuclear energy specialists and students. More than 50 experts were involved and USD 120,000 of the total budget was spent on project implementation.

In 2020, we took on an ambitious challenge and, for the first time in Ukraine, organized and held the National “WiN Award” award ceremony for women who have made a significant contribution to the development of the nuclear industry of Ukraine. In total, over two years of this ceremony, 150 applications were submitted from female nuclear workers and more than 10,000 votes were cast in various categories.

The beginning of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine forced us to pause in project activities and focus on humanitarian assistance and a kind of diplomatic front. During the spring-summer of 2022, we managed to collect and transfer humanitarian aid in the amount of more than 160,000 hryvnias.
With each day of the war, we become more stable and stronger. Looking back, we understand that we need to move on, because there are many challenges ahead.

Further – more. Together to victory!

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