WiN Ukraine and Energoatom launch “energy of change” for women of nuclear power plants – started with Khmelnitsky NPP (details)

Employees of the Khmelnytsky Nuclear Power Plant became the first heroines of the seminar-forum “Professional Development of Women in Atomic Energy” and launched the implementation of the system of WiN Ukraine and SE “Energoatom” measures, that covers all nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

“The mission of our organization is to promote nuclear energy for its sustainable development, the role of women in these processes and the disclosure of her professional potential. We are glad to see Energoatom’s attitude to its employees and together launch a large-scale project to support women in Ukraine’s nuclear industry, ” said Margaryta Rayets, President of WiN Ukraine.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is a partner in the activities. Its representative, Beata Mach, Project Manager for International Policy and Cooperation, said she hoped that “working with Energoatom would help raise awareness of gender equality and promote women’s professional development in nuclear power.”

The participants of the first seminar-forum were more than 50 representatives of almost all divisions of Khmelnitsky NPP, for which a rich program of educational, motivational and interactive parts from leading Ukrainian and international profile speakers was developed.

Peter Frobel, Director of Human Resources at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), former UN (UNICEF, ESCAP, UNOPS) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Tatyana Kilochytska, IAEA Nuclear Energy Specialist, former Deputy Chairman of the SNRCU supported the participants of the event and presented the policy of the Agency for Gender Parity.

“Khmelnytsky NPP site is always ready to be the first to accept and support such initiatives,” said Andriy Kozyura, General Director of the station. – 1720 women work in the team, this is a third of the team – 33%. 90 management positions are held by women, which is 12%. I would like to wish you fruitful work, let the useful information you receive help you to develop and be realized in a professional direction. I would like this seminar to be continued. We are open to cooperation.”

According to Renata Jaresko, Head of the Public Relations Department of SE “Energoatom”, the company previously conducted an anonymous survey among the participants of the seminar forum and, unfortunately, the results showed that these women face gender barriers and stereotypes in their work. However, the issue of gender is not only about the equal rights and opportunities of men and women, it is about the values on which the prestige of the professions in nuclear energy is based.

“Already today we have a critical situation with the personnel reserve, because Generation Z gives preference to those companies and those areas of activity where these values ​​are and who follow global trends. So, today we have to change and demonstrate to the younger generation that our Company is just like that. KhNPP became the first platform to receive us today with a seminar-forum. We all know that the station has ambitious plans – completion of power units X3, X4. And the issue of staffing already arises today, so the women of Khmelnitsky NPP have the opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their values ​​to the younger generation that nuclear energy has no stereotypes,” said Renata.

Natalia Klos, Director of Regional Development and Cooperation at WIN Ukraine, who is the project manager of NGO, conducted a survey and an interactive lecture on the disclosure of the concept of “gender” and its manifestations in the modern world. She noted that the first positive response to the call for professional development from women of SE “Energoatom” was received in the spring of this year, and noted the company’s success in debunking the stereotype that the nuclear industry is only male. In addition, she stressed the sincere interest among the workers and the support of the management of Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant.

WiN Ukraine expert Kateryna Pavlova, woman-engineer and former T.A. Head of SAUEZM spoke about the inside and outside view of women in the energy sector. During the speech, she loudly motivated the participants, citing many examples from her own professional live, the struggle of women around the world for their rights.

The practical part of the business coach Olena Yuzkova “recharged” the participants for personal and professional achievements. For several hours, participants worked in large and small groups. Students evaluated their own achievements, distinguish between different types of behavior, increase their own self-esteem. “The stiffness that was felt at first, gradually receded, giving way to self-confidence to achieve new professional and personal goals” – this is how the observers of the press service of the Khmelnitsky NPP described the atmosphere of the hall.
Throughout the event, the women were supported by the leadership of the Central Committee of the Atomic Trade Union and local trade unions, the public relations department and the ambassadors.
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