WiN Ukraine took part in panel discussion on the role of women in nuclear security

By invitation of the IAEA, WiN Ukraine management (President Margaryta Rayets and Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo), took part in panel discussion on the role of women in nuclear security during the annual INSEN meeting.

The International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN) is a partnership through which the IAEA, educational and research institutions, as well as other stakeholders cooperate to promote sustainable nuclear security education.

INSEN was established in 2010 during a IAEA nuclear security workshop on nuclear security education, in which representatives from almost 30 academic institutions and other stakeholders took part.
The Network aims to enhance global nuclear security by developing, sharing and promoting excellence in nuclear security education.

In the course of participation in the meeting, WiN Ukraine leaders highlighted the organization’s activities in the direction of supporting women professionals in the nuclear field (as well as young generation – future specialists) conducted before the start of the large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation as of February 24, 2022, and also informed about current activity and plans to strengthen WiN Ukraine’s role in Ukraine and in the international arena as Ambassador of the state.

As Margaryta Rayets and Anastasiia Nechytailo stressed out during her speeches, “the paradigm of the international nuclear security system has changed forever after a military invasion of the territory of our sovereign state – because this is an unprecedented case that will have consequences for current and future generations! Training of atomic industry specialists is a continuous process. But one shall always remember that the question is WHO we train, and HOW these people then use and spread their knowledge at their desks and all over the world – and this is about the result! These trained and well-educated people should become agents of change! Nuclear security is in their hands. And with these hands they must protect nuclear security!”

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