The webinar from WIN Ukraine, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster

The webinar from WIN Ukraine, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster and the Chornobyl Women, brought together experts and public figures in the industry and launched a global project.

Today’s event provided an opportunity to raise and discuss important issues of gender parity, the role of women in the post-disaster period, ensuring radiation safety, creating a system for radioactive waste management, decommissioning of Chornobyl, work at the State Specialized Enterprise “Chornobyl NPP” in the field of radioecology. , challenges in the management of Chornobyl territory, about the outstanding Women of Chornobyl, as well as the mission of the modern woman of Chornobyl, which was taken as a basis for the future project WIN Ukraine, dedicated to supporting the Women of Chornobyl.

We truly thank our esteemed speakers for interesting reports and presentations:

Olena Buglova (Director of the IAEA Physical Nuclear Security Department);
Lyubov Zinkevych (Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Development of the Radon Association);
Alli Kravets (Head of the Personnel Management Department of SSE Chornobyl NPP);
Michael Wood (Head of the Department of Applied Ecology, University of Salford (UK, Manchester);
Kateryna Myrnaua-Pavlova (Head of the Department for International Cooperation and Public Relations at State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, expert of public organizations WIN Ukraine and ECO Generation);
Oleksandr Syrota (Chairman of the Public Council at State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, President of the Center. Pripyat.com NGO, public figure, journalist);
Michaela Bushovska (public figure, Ambassador of the Chornobyl Women, writer, publicist, author and lecturer on Chornobyl, a leading Slovak expert on the history and consequences of the Chornobyl disaster).

The main moderator of the webinar was Margaryta Rayets, President of WIN Ukraine.
Information support of the event – Iryna Cherednichenko, Director of Communications and Development of WIN Ukraine.
Technical support and information support – Anastasia Khorechko, WIN Ukraine spokeswoman, and Lilia Khimich, operations manager (WIN Ukraine).
Translator – Larisa Fedun.

Thank everyone who joined our event!
During the webinar, the following topics were raised by profile experts and guest speakers:
The Chornobyl accident: memories and lessons;
The role of women in the formation of the state system of radioactive waste management;
About the Women of Chornobyl with a capital letter;
Exclusion Zone Management: Challenges and Victories. Woman’s own experience;
The mission of the modern woman of Chornobyl;
Women in radioecology and radiation protection.

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