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The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) Continues To Support WiN Ukraine’s

Since its establishment, WiN Ukraine has been receiving strong support from the Swedish government. In peacetime, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) provided financial support to the WiN Ukraine Office.

2022 represents more of the same. At the beginning of this year, our Organization has received approval for further funding of our Office. However, due to the brutal aggression of the russian federation against our country, the war that has shocked the entire world, the Secretariat of the Organization, with the support of international partners, has decided to temporarily deploy the office at the World Institute for Nuclear Security in Vienna. Today, it is an integrated collaboration between organizations aimed to provide active support of our country and to maximally consolidate international efforts on the way to our victory.

Receiving such powerful assistance, our Organization seeks to seize the most of the opportunities provided by international donors, including SSM financial support. In these difficult times, our experts` team has established the Remote Coordination Group (RCG) to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our colleagues from specialized entities who have received moral and material damage and need help, our women and children and four-legged friends. Of course, we are not able to address all issues but we try to act as much as possible within our capabilities and resources.

Therefore, we would like to thank the SSM for financial support once again, insofar as some part of funds received by us for the WiN Secretariat Support are redistributed to the needs of colleagues from nuclear sphere, citizens of the affected territories, and for our victory in general, which is the most important at the moment. After all, the life motto of our Organization is humanity, kindness and peace, in which every single life is a treasure of the nation, and parity exists not only between women and men, but also between countries.

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