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The II “WIN AWARD 2021” Nuclear Energy Professionals Award Ceremony was held

On November 26, as part of the Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine”, The II “WiN Award – 2021” Nuclear Energy Professionals Award Ceremony was held, the founders of which last year became President of WiN Ukraine Margaryta Rayets and Vice President Anastasia Nechytaylo.

According to the results of the preliminary voting, which was attended by almost 10 thousand people, among the women working in various fields of nuclear energy, with relevant competencies, experience and achievements, the winners were determined in the following nominations:

Science, education and development

Liudmyla Aslamova – Director of the Training and Research Center for Radiation Safety of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;

Mariia Verbylo – Head of the Chornobyl NPP and Spent Fuel Management Department of the Chornobyl NPP Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Service;

Svitlana Horyeva – Head of the IRS Safety in Medicine Department – State Inspector of the Service (Territorial Body of the SNRCU – Northern Inspectorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety on the rights of self-government);

Yulia Mamchych – SE “Energoatom” SS “Scientific and Technical Center” in the Department of Radiation Materials Science of the Technical Support Service for Continuation of Operation and NGO “Youth Energy Community”;

Daria Menshakova – Third Secretary of the Digital Diplomacy Department of the Main Office of Public Diplomacy and Communications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

Larysa Saliy – Head of the Chornobyl NPP Training Center;

Maryna Fedorova – Chief Specialist of the NPP for the Operation of Reactor Equipment, Department of Chief Technologist, SE “Rivne NPP” SE “Energoatom”;

Karyna Shevchenko – Head of the Radiation Safety Service of the SSE “CERWM”.

Subnomination “Educator”

Hanna Doroshuk – Associate Professor of Management, Odessa Polytechnic State University;

Eleonora Zabarna – Head of the Economic Systems and Management of Innovative Development Department, Chairman of the Board for the Quality of Educational Activities of the State University “Odessa Polytechnic”, Doctor of Economics, Professor;

Yaroslava Komarova – Associate Professor of Nuclear Power Plants, Odessa Polytechnic State University, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

Yulia Malogulko – Associate Professor of the Power Plants and Systems Department, Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Electromechanics, Vinnytsia National Technical University;

Olena Parenyuk – Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Safety, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety; PhD student at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Positive leadership

Olena Voloshchuk – Leading Psychologist of the Personnel Development Department of Rivne NPP SE “Energoatom”;

Victoria Melnychuk-Volodkina – Head of the Department of Information and Educational Work in the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve;

Svitlana Kulchytska – Deputy Director of the Nuclear Energy and Atomic Industry Department; Head of the Department of Production Activities of the Uranium Mining Industry and Radioactive Waste Management and Spent Nuclear Fuel of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine;

Svitlana Hubriy – Deputy Head of the Estimation and Contracting Service of the Capital Construction Department of Rivne NPP SE “Energoatom”.

Subnomination “Educator”

Iryna Yuzova – Lieutenant Colonel, Head of the Military College of Sergeants of Kharkiv National University of the Air Force, named after Ivan Kozhedub;

Polina Antonuk – Professor of the Criminology and Forensic Medicine Department of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel of Police.

Communication and interaction

Renata Yaresko – Head of the Public Relations Department of SE “Energoatom”;

Alla Kravets – Head of the Personnel Management Department of the SSE “Chornobyl NPP”;

Iryna Zhuk – Deputy Head of the Information and Public Relations Service of Rivne NPP, SE “Energoatom”;

Yulia Kosko – Deputy Head of the Information and Educational Work Department of the Reserve.

Subnomination “Educator”

Yulia Shulle – Associate Professor of Electrical Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management, Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics, Vinnytsia National Technical University, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics for Academic Affairs and Social Communications, Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Electromechanics.

International relations

Yuliya Bazelyuk – Production Preparation Engineer of the 1st category of SSE “Ecocenter”;

Kateryna Pavlova – Head of the International Cooperation and Public Relations Department of SAUEZM;

Olga Tytovets – Senior Officer of the Department for Implementation of International Technical Assistance Projects of the International Cooperation and European Integration Service of the State Border Guard Service Administration of Ukraine;

Olena Makarevych – Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Technical Assistance of ZNPP;

Valentyna Odynytsia – Deputy Head of the International Cooperation and Information Department of the SSE “Chornobyl NPP”.

Subnomination “Educator”

Ilona Koreiba – Senior Inspector of the International Cooperation Department of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs.

 Knowledge and law

Ksenia Protsenko – Chief Specialist of the Legal Support Sector of SAUEZM;

Hanna Zayets – Leading Legal Adviser of the Contractual and Insurance Department of the Legal Support Department of the Executive Directorate for Legal Support of SE “Energoatom”, Head of the Youth Organization of the Directorate of SE “Energoatom”, Acting Head of Air Defense of the SE “Energoatom” Directorate;

Tetyana Bondarenko – Head of the Repair and General Station Contracts Department of the Rivne NPP Contractual Service (hereinafter referred to as the CS) of “Energoatom”.

Hanna Zayets, a representative of SE “Energoatom”, was able to receive the award from WiN Ukraine special nomination “Ambassadors of Parity” from Renata Yaresko, a representative of SE “Energoatom”.

In this nomination also won:

Oleksiy Ushchapovsky – representative of KhNPP

Larysa Melnyk – representative of RNPP

Anna Kuzheleva – representative of RNPP

Olena Prokopenko – representative of ZNPP

Yevhen Pidgursky – representative of SUNPP

Yevhen Mitchenko – representative of SUNPP

Olena Reznik – representative of SUNPP

Tetyana Amosova – representative of SE “Energoatom”

Oleksandr Bilyi – representative of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management.

The winners were announced live by Margaryta Rayets, President of WiN Ukraine, and Anastasia Nechytaylo, Vice President of WiN Ukraine.

According to Margaryta Rayets, the women who took part in WiN Award are the locomotive of Ukrainian nuclear energy, because these people help to create a bright future for our country.

“Our competition is a special one, because there are no losers in it. In WiN Award, each participant is already a winner,” emphasizes Anastasia Nechytaylo.

The event was organized by Ukrainian representative office of the global network “Women in Nuclear Global” – “WiN Ukraine”, with the support of international partners, including Norwegian Agency for Radiation Safety (DSA).

Today, some contestants from Kyiv had the opportunity to personally visit the WiN Ukraine office and receive their awards. Finalists from other cities were awarded soon. We would like to emphasize that our office is always open for a warm and friendly welcome, and we hope, that next year all the participants will be able to gather offline.

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