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The grand opening of the first national competition among students – Nucleathon “WiN for WiNners!”

Today, on November 24, the grand opening of the first national competition among students of the country’s leading universities – Nucleathon “WiN for WiNners!”

The event was opened by President of WiN Ukraine Margaryta Rayets. She stressed, that the competitions such as Nucleathon are a great opportunity to share experiences, develop creative thinking, interesting acquaintances and the opportunity to test yourself. “Only those teams, that go beyond the standard perception and look for extraordinary solutions, when solving a case, win. And remember, that without teamwork, nothing ever succeeds”, said Margaryta.

Oleksiy Shkuratov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for European Integration, stressed, that the events such as Nucleathon help the Ministry to better understand the current problems in the field of nuclear and radiation safety and look for possible ways to solve them. Mr. Shkuratov noted, that an important aspect of strengthening Ukraine’s potential is the training of quality experts, in particular in the field of physics and nuclear research, and added: “I am proud, that our Ministry is doing everything possible to become a platform where
ambitious scientists can feel, that they are in their place”.

According to Svitlana Kulchytska, Deputy Director of Nuclear Energy and Atomic Industry Department of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, today we are witnessing a change in attitudes towards nuclear generation and the realization, that nuclear energy is the basis of our country energy independence. “Ukraine’s independence is based primarily on its energy and economic security, and strengthening these two components is one of the key tasks of state policy in the
field of nuclear energy”, Svitlana said, adding, that Nucleathon is an opportunity to gain not only prizes but also invaluable experience, exchange ideas and express themselves to a wide range of nuclear professionals.

Igor Vladymyrsky, Deputy Vice-Rector for Educational Work of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, stressed that Kyiv Polytechnic University is a well-known research center in Ukraine and the world in the field of nuclear energy. “Our institute has significant experience in this field and provides Ukraine with highly qualified experts”, added Mr. Vladymyrsky and congratulated the participants of the competition, wishing them every success and achievement.

According to Valery Tuz, Head of Atomic Energy Department at the Igor Sikorsky KPI Faculty of Atomic and Thermal Energy, Nucleathon is an event, that contributes to a deeper understanding of students and teachers of the nuclear energy role in the country and the world. “Finding your place in life is very important, and small steps like today’s competition give you the opportunity to grow professionally, communicate and improve your level”.

Such an experienced professionals, leading experts of WiN Ukraine, highly respected mentors will support students, guide them in their creative search and help them in every possible way:
Tymofiy Bibik, Independent Expert in 143 Atomic Energy of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Ukraine;
Vladyslav Borzenkov, Head of Financial Support for Physical Protection of Nuclear Installations
and Nuclear Materials of SE “Energoatom”;
Ivan Ostapenko, Assistant of the Department of Nuclear Power Plants of Engineering Thermophysics of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky;
Alyona Samsonenko, Leading engineer of the Training Center for Physical Protection, Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials named after George Kuzmych Institute of Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
Hanna Shepel, Assistant Professor of Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, KPI named after Igor Sikorsky.

After the presentation of the teams, the order of mentoring sessions was randomly determined, during which students together with experienced mentors will discuss ideas and receive valuable advice, as well as the order of presentations of works in the final. After that, the tasks were distributed among the teams, on the implementation of which the results of Nucleathon will depend.

The work of the teams will be evaluated by highly respected jury consisting of curators of higher education institutions and WiN Ukraine experts. Not only the correctness of the tasks will be taken into account, but also the creative approach, stable argumentation of decisions and the ability to present the results of their work.

The announcement of Nucleathon resalts is on November 25 at 17:30. Link to view: https://bit.ly/3HPPlSS

We wish all the participants inspiration, success and fruitful teamwork!

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