The Chornobyl Women: Radiation Safety Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow webinar

The Chornobyl Women: Radiation Safety Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow webinar brings together professional speakers and launches a global Women’s Project.

During the week dedicated to the Chornobyl anniversary, the WIN Ukraine team managed to unite internationally relevant experts and public figures and hold the first event dedicated to the Women of Chornobyl.

The main purpose of the webinar was to convey to the society and the state leadership a “fragile” and, at the same time, important direction for Ukraine in order to further support and development.

This is a pilot event for WiN Ukraine, because this webinar should launch a project called “Women of Chornobyl”, which WiN Ukraine is launching this year. Our Project will have informational, social and cultural colors. It is designed to tell a wide audience about the contribution and role of women in overcoming the Chornobyl disaster, and therefore about ensuring nuclear safety and radiation protection, as well as their professional development today, “said Margaryta Rayets, WIN Ukraine President.

Thanks to the speakers, it was possible to draw attention to important aspects that will later become the basis for the formation of the objectives of the project “Women of Chornobyl”. “Going the way, no one has tries before, is often difficult, but always exciting. Follow your professional passion, and discoveries will take place at every step, that will inspire you to travel further, ”said Olena Buglova, Director of the IAEA’s Physical Nuclear Security Department.

According to Lyubov Zinkevych, head of the Department of International Cooperation and Development of the Radon Association, women have made a significant contribution to the creation of a radioactive waste management system in Ukraine, thanks to their patience and perseverance. Therefore, today it is necessary to continue to devote to the professional development of women in this strategically important area.

“Women do a great job in all areas where they work. Today, Chornobyl NPP (hereinafter SSE ChNPP) employs 2,750 people, of whom 900 are women. Unfortunately, the ratio of men and women, not only at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, but also in the entire energy sector, is disproportionate. However, that is a matter of time and is worth working on, ”said Alla Kravets, Head of the Personnel Management Department of the SSE ChNPP.

Kateryna Pavlova, Head of the Department for International Cooperation and Public Relations of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (hereinafter SAUEZM), stressed that for many years women have proved, are proving and will prove that they are worthy of the highest positions and can side by side overcome all obstacles, as well as they can be a reliable support for men – “With WIN we always WIN!”.

According to Michael Wood, Head of the Department of Applied Ecology at the University of Salford (UK, Manchester), the international radiation safety community must work together to ensure that the diversity of our society reflects society as a whole. Chornobyl Exclusion Zone provides a unique opportunity to train a new generation of different radiation safety professionals.

According to Aleksandr Sirota, who for the second year in a row heads the Public Council at SAUEZM, is the President of the NGO “Center. Pripyat.com “, a public figure and journalist, the Chornobyl disaster confirmed the axiom that all the troubles of life fall more on the shoulders of women. 600,000 officers and conscripts were involved in the liquidation of the Chornobyl accident. “And yet the work of women there – in the hottest spots of the Chornobyl disaster – was no less dangerous and heroic. This very important and big topic is still waiting for its researchers and chroniclers… “, – he emphasizes.

“When you open Google to search for Chornobyl Women, you will find information about grandmothers. However, this is only one generation of brave women who work here. It takes a long way to join them, ”said Michaela Bušovská, a public figure, Chornobyl Women Ambassador, writer, author and lecturer on Chornobyl, and a leading Slovak expert on
history and consequences of Chornobyl disaster.

We truly thank our esteemed speakers and participants of the event!
The event was organized on the initiative and personal support of the President of WIN Ukraine Margaryta Rayets.
Information support of the event – Iryna Cherednichenko, Director of Communications and Development of WIN Ukraine.
Technical and information support – Anastasia Khorechko, WIN Ukraine spokesperson, and Lilia Khimich, operations manager (WIN Ukraine). Translator – Lara Fedun.

You can view the full version of the webinar in Ukrainian by calling:
https://youtu.be/zw2nlSAJU7Y, and in English – https://youtu.be/SW217FJujHo on the YouTube channel WiN Ukraine.

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