The basic about the course of this year’s WiN Global Conference and the participation of the leadership of WiN Ukraine as ambassadors of their country

As part of the 29th Annual Women in Nuclear Global Conference hosted by Japan this year, a hybrid session entitled “Women in Nuclear Security: Opportunities for Strengthening Our Global Community” was held on May 25, moderated by Margaryta Rayets, President of WiN Ukraine.

Opening the session, the moderator said: “First of all, let me thank this year’s organizer WiN Japan, who brilliantly hosted delegates from all over the world in the best spirit of Japanese hospitality, and express my gratitude for the words (and direct actions) of support for our Ukraine, a victim of Russian military aggression in late February this year, by Japanese colleagues and the Japanese government.

The results of this aggression – a full-scale war that continues to this day – have demonstrated the unpreparedness of the entire international nuclear security architecture for an actual immediate response, or even more so, for prevention. In addition, it is clear that to date, neither the legal instruments nor international nuclear law itself as the alleged basis for compliance with certain obligations are sufficiently developed to adequately apply the necessary sanctions. These and other issues make nuclear security and security more important than ever. “

The program of the session included the following speeches:

  • Nuclear Security Women, Taylor Hart McGonigle
  • Towards gender equality in nuclear security regulation, Marina Di Giorgio
  • Gender Balance in Nuclear Security at the Agency and Beyond, Oum Keltoum
  • Professional development and capacity building for nuclear security, Roland
    Fletcher and Anastasiia Nechytailo

During a panel discussion on the role of women in building a new global paradigm of nuclear security, taking into account the unprecedented case of military aggression in Ukraine, WiN Ukraine Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo said in a comment that support and cohesion of the world nuclear community is important. Therefore, the cooperation between the World Institute for Nuclear Safety (WINS) and WiN Ukraine is a good example of joining forces to support the initiatives of women professionals in difficult times.

During his speech, Roland Fletcher, Head of the WINS Academy, also stressed the importance of enhancing professional development and capacity building to promote the development and awareness of the younger generation in the industry. This will help learn from the lessons of the past and prevent recurrences of negative situations in the future. To this end, Mr. Fletcher and his colleagues at WINS and the WINS Academy, in particular, are developing a number of the relevant programs and courses for all.

In the evening of the same day, at the invitation of the Japanese side, a joint delegation of WINS and WiN Ukraine took part in a gala dinner on the occasion of Japan’s presidency in this year’s Conference. After the wonderful performances of Japanese artists of the traditional (folk) genre, WiN Global Vice President Melina Belinko announced a fundraiser for the Ukrainian side and invited the head of the Ukrainian mission Margaryta Rayets to speak. During her emotional speech on stage, Margaryta invited everyone to come to Ukraine (after Egypt’s presidency in 2023), where WiN Ukraine will have the honor of hosting the WiN Global Conference – of course, after Ukraine’s absolute victory in the war – the war against humanity and human beings values, unleashed by the aggressor, in which no one can stay away, as long as having a heart and is able to feel the pain of the Ukrainian people. The applause and sincere tears of the guests after the speech became a fact of great support of our country and the desire of those present to visit the Ukrainian land and feel the sincere Ukrainian hospitality!

At the end of the evening, WiN Ukraine Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo, in turn, thanked all those who cared for their contributions and assured that the collected donations will help the participation of at least a few experts in relevant international thematic events (we will report on these and other planned activities ).

In addition, this busy day ended with a joint interview of M. Rayets, A. Nechitaylo and R. Fletcher for a Japanese thematic publication, that was taken from experts with the participation of Japan Atomic IndustrialForum, Inc.

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