The anniversary of the full-scale invasion…

Year. A year of indescribable pain, losses, tears and fear. But at the same time, it is a year of struggle for our independence, a year of unity, strength and faith in the future. The year of indomitability.

We sincerely thank and bow low to our defenders who defend our freedom on the front lines. It is thanks to you, our soldiers, that we have the opportunity to fight here, in the rear, to wage an information war and to help those who need it.

We remember those whose lives were cruelly taken by war. And we remember who should answer for it. We will always remember.

The war continues. But we live with unshakable faith that this year it will end with our victory. Therefore, we urge everyone to donate, support the army and volunteer organizations, popularize Ukrainian and not succumb to any provocations of the enemy.

“It can still be dark, loud and difficult for us. But we will definitely never be afraid again. And there will never be any shame.”

Glory to Ukraine!

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