Report of the charity exhibition “Empowering Radiance”

Dear Friends, Let’s Share the Good News!

A heartfelt thank you to all our incredible partners, participants, and visitors who made our charity exhibition “Empowering Radiance” an astounding success! Your support has enabled us to raise a remarkable UAH 90,000.00! 🙌

This incredible sum was collected through both bank transfers and generous cash donations during the exhibition. A significant portion of UAH 55,388.00 was raised through an exciting public auction, where the following exceptional pieces found new homes:

1. “Summer Landscape” by Victoria Karpeniuk – UAH 3,000.

2. “By the River” by Lyudmila Yaroshenko – UAH 2,000.

3. “Holiday of the Soul is Not for Show” by Renata Yaresko – UAH 10,000.

4. Beaded Painting “Cossack family has no end” by Lyudmyla Laska – UAH 7,000.

5. Stained Glass Painting “I Wish for a Clear Sky!” by Olena Balagurina – UAH 8,888.

6. Embroidered Picture “Evening in Provence” by Bozhko Halyna – UAH 3,000.

7. “Patriotic” Necklace by Olena Rossokha – UAH 6,000.

8. Doll-Motanka by Zelenska Natalia – UAH 10,000.

9. SPECIAL LOT “A tube from a portable anti-aircraft missile complex with Petrykiv painting” by Ludmyla Danylyuk – UAH 5,500.

The remaining funds were raised through the sale of various artworks, both at the exhibition and online throughout the week, as well as through the generous contributions of our supporters.

In collaboration with the NGO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society,” we are excited to announce that all the collected funds will be transferred to “Zemlyachki.”

Together, we are one step closer to our victory! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!

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