Pilot event “Professional Growth Strategy”

WiN Ukraine and Energoatom held a kick-off forum on women’s professional development in nuclear energy.

The pilot event “Professional Growth Strategy” was organized for women by SE “Energoatom” with the support of the NGO “Women in Nuclear (WIN) Ukraine” as the beginning of a system of measures for 2021, that will cover the sites of domestic nuclear power plants to provide professional development for the experts.

The event was attended by about fifty female representatives of Energoatom, as well as the leadership of organizations.

The program included an analytical and interactive part from the invited expert consultant
Andriy Drozhzhin. Together with the forum participants, the key elements of professional growth, the strategy
of “women in the XXI century” and its new archetype, the main opportunities of Energoatom for women’s development, as well as how to form their goals and desires, what is the path “from goal to result” and how to learn to act accurately were revealed.

“The world is changing rapidly and it is women who have the best chance to unleash their potential in professional and social life. For quality management of our life, we need to find that one point – a place in our mind for interaction, it will help to develop oneself, make oneself stronger and find the right ways, ”comments Andriy Drozhzhin.

According to the management of WIN Ukraine, the idea of ​​developing and implementing a system of development measures for women in the nuclear sector of Ukraine arose almost immediately after the establishment of the organization in 2020.

“We are honored to represent in Ukraine the global network of women in the nuclear industry WIN Global. According to global analysts in recent years, women make up less than 1/4 of the workforce in the nuclear sector worldwide, which degrades not only the diversity of the industry but also competitiveness. Given the pandemic, the numbers are unlikely to change much. However, many organizations are actively working to increase the share of
women in all categories of jobs, “said WIN Ukraine head Margaryta Rayets.

She also stressed the importance of Energoatom’s ambitious step, which took the vector of women’s professional development as one of the important factors in the sustainable development of Ukraine’s nuclear power industry, employing almost 12,000 women, which is 33% of the total staff.

According to Natalia Klos, Director of Regional Cooperation and Development at WIN Ukraine, the human factor is one of the main factors influencing nuclear and radiation safety, so the support and development of professionals is a top priority for every organization. Nuclear energy is the very place where professionalism is given much attention and gender stereotypes are debunked. However, first of all, knowledge, skills and abilities that need to be constantly developed are important.

“Today we see the confidence of a large number of Ukrainian women in nuclear energy, who choose this industry for themselves. Our newly created platform, together with the Energoatom team, contains many opportunities for professional growth of a large number of women and increasing their level of importance, ”emphasizes Iryna Cherednichenko, Director of Communications and Development of WIN Ukraine.

An important part of the event was the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between Energoatom and WIN Ukraine. Energoatom President Petro Kotin noted that he would do everything possible to promote gender equality policy and professional growth of the company’s employees.

Motivational and encouraging words of Energoatom ambassadors, who for many years have
taken a proactive position in the direction of women’s professional development and keep
their hands on the pulse of the latest world trends, have become the icing on the cake.

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