On February 22-23, a meeting of ambassadors of the WINS Academy was held

On February 22-23, a meeting of ambassadors of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Academy was held in Vienna, Austria. The management of WiN Ukraine took part in the event.

The objectives of the Ambassador Meeting were to:
✔️ support the commitments of Ambassadors, their organisations and to leverage their networks to support Gender Equality and Certified Training in Nuclear Security, nationally, regionally and globally;
✔️ to ensure that Ambassadors understand the new “Unbundled” WINS Academy Programmes so that they can promote and encourage increased scholarship uptake in 2023 for capacity building;
✔️ to further build networking capacity among Ambassadors in several key aspects of nuclear and radiological security and lessons learned.

This is the first event since 2019 that brought together WINS Academy Ambassadors from all over the world to share their views on the Academy unbundling, their ideas for further scholarship outreach, and their proposals for upcoming projects and events.

It is also important to mention that, in the course of the meeting, WiN Ukraine presented the idea and format of the ongoing project ‘Voices of Ukraine’, which is being implemented under WINS umbrella, to the Ambassadors.

Representative of Canada Geoff McCabe responded to the idea of the “Voices of Ukraine” project as follows: “I recently had the honour to meet the women behind the Project and speak with them, expressing my profound respect and admiration to not only them but to all those who continue to persevere in the Ukraine – specifically at the Zaporizhzhia & Chornobyl Facilities. When Voices of Ukraine is officially released in the coming months, I would implore you to support the Project but don’t just read the stories contained within, rather LIVE the stories through those who have shared them.”

Photo by WiN Ukraine and Geoff McCabe.

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