Міжнародний день дівчат

October 11 – International Girls’ Day

Today, October 11, the whole world celebrates International Girls’ Day!

International Girls’ Day was first proclaimed by United Nations in 2011.

The purpose of this holiday is to draw the world’s attention to the social problems and inequalities that young women around the world face solely on the basis of their female gender.

World Girls’ Day is designed to engage the public in finding ways to address the challenges faced by girls of all ages. Also, today is the time to remind about the importance of expanding their capabilities and protecting their rights. These include: the opportunity to study, to eat properly, to receive quality medical care, to have social rights and guarantees, to be protected from discrimination and violence, and so on.

WiN Ukraine strongly encourages and supports events that promote gender parity and public awareness of gender equality, and sincerely congratulates all the girls on their Holiday!

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