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NUCLEATHON WiN for WiNners 2021

On November 24-25, 2021, will be the first national competition among students of the country’s leading universities – Nucleathon “WiN for WiNners!”

The word NUCLEATHON is a combination of the words “NUCLEAR” and “HACKATHON”. As in the classical sense of the word “hackathon” Nucleathon is a kind of an organized event, during which specialists (in our case – students), mostly of the same profile, form teams and solve a specific problem or develop an effective solution in a limited time ⏱

For all participants of this competition it is not only an opportunity to win and get certificates, but also to exchange the experiences and ideas, learn a lot and express themselves to a wide range of nuclear experts in Ukraine and the world!

Very soon we will announce the composition of the jury and student teams, as well as the event agenda. Follow our announcements 📝

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