II Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine”

At the Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” world and Ukrainian leaders discussed the ways to resolve hot issues and achieve gender parity in the Ukrainian nuclear industry.

The II Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine”, held in Kyiv on November 27, 2020, brought together more than 50 representatives of State and Government, industry, business and science, world experts, leaders of
international organizations.

“The main idea of the Conference is to emphasize the important role of women in society, especially in the field of nuclear energy, that has long been stereotypically considered exclusively male. It is the voice of women about their existence and competence, ”said WiN Ukraine President Margaryta Rayets.

The event discussed issues related to Ukraine’s national capacity to provide a personnel reserve in the nuclear field; gender equality in nuclear energy; science, technology and innovation in the nuclear sector, as well as current challenges for the national security system in the framework of environmental, nuclear and cybersecurity.

According to WiN Ukraine Vice President Anastasiia Nechytailo, such an event is a powerful start to expanding women’s representation in the field of nuclear energy, which will have a positive impact on gender parity, as well as
cooperation towards nuclear and radiation safety.

“According to international research, women account for only 22.4% of the world’s nuclear energy. In Ukraine, the percentage of men and women also differs significantly (about 20%). However, women successfully conquer the
generation, behavior and safety of this industry, maternally caring for the quality of its functioning. Therefore, in order to support and motivate women, along with government initiatives in Ukraine and the world, it is planned to conduct analytical studies of social status, women’s health and safety culture, as well as to develop incentive programs for the younger generation” – “WIN Ukraine” emphasizes.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian office of the global network “Women in Nuclear Global” – “WiN Ukraine”, with the support of Swedish and Norwegian regulators and the US Embassy.

Thematic panel one: Ukraine’s national capacity to provide a personnel reserve in the nuclear sphere
Igor Garbaruk – Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine;
Yuriy Sapozhnikov – Director of the Nuclear Energy Department of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine;
Yevhen Pismenny – Dean of the Heat and Energy Faculty of the University “KPI named after Igor Sikorsky”;
Renata Jaresko – Head of the Public Relations Department of the Communications Directorate of SE “Energoatom”.

Thematic panel two: Gender equality in nuclear energy
Kateryna Levchenko – Government Commissioner for Gender Policy;
Tetyana Kilochytska – IAEA Expert;Yuliya Strebkova – Deputy Director for Science and Methodology of the Ukrainian Center for Gender Education University “KPI named after Igor Sikorsky”;
Lyubov Zinkevych – Head of the International Cooperation Department of the “Radon Association”;
Kateryna Bila – Deputy Director of the Department of International Security of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Head of the Department for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation of WMD;
Tetyana Melnyk – researcher at the Odessa Center for Nonproliferation;
Gabi Voight – Seventh President of WiN Global, 2016-2020;
Ronda Evans – President of WINS Academy;
Ous Keltum Hakam – President of WiN Africa and WiN Morocco;
Rabia Said – Co-founder of the Kano Women’s Association and STEM Women’s Association for Africa;
Jack Gritt – President of WiN UK;
Martina Sturek is the President of WiN Sweden.

Thematic panel three: Science, technology, development and innovation in the nuclear sector
Dr. Harris Piplas – Urbanist Dress amd Sommer, Switzerland;
Tetyana Amosova – Director for Projects and Investment Programs of SE “Energoatom”;
Kateryna Pavlova – Head of the Department of International Cooperation of SAUEZM, researcher of the K1 program.

Thematic panel four: Current challenges for the national security system in the framework of environmental, nuclear and cyber security
Yevhen Vladimirov – Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization;
Igor Kotsyuba – Deputy Director of IPME NASU, founder of iSolutions;
Konstantin Yalovy – Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City State Administration on Environmental Policy;
Valery Kravchenko – Director of the Center for International Security of the National Institute for Strategic Studies;
Dmytro Chumak – Non-Proliferation and Energy Security Expert.
Julia Gibson – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada;
Margarita Kalinina-Paul – Non-Proliferation Center, USA;
Jenny Gromol – US Department of State.

Among the participants of the Conference:
Anna Zaichenko – Second Secretary of the Division for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation of WMD, Secretariat of the National Body of Ukraine for the Implementation of the CFM, Coordination Center for the Implementation of UNSCR 1540, Department of International Security;
Andriy Kocharovsky – Consultant-expert of the central department of the
Security Service of Ukraine;
Ilona Melnikova – Deputy Director of the Department, Head of the Department of International Cooperation and European Integration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine;
Tetyana Kutuzova – Head of the Emergency Preparedness and Radiation
Protection Department – State Inspector of the Department for Nuclear Safety of the SNRCU;
Iryna Fomicheva – Chief Specialist of the Department of Fuel and Energy Development and Extractive Industries of the Ministry of Economic Development;
Victoria Melnychuk-Volodkina – Head of the Department of Information and Educational Work of the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve;
Tamara Kuznetsova – Head of the Department of Physical Protection of the National Research Center “KIPT”;
Halyna Synytsia – Head of the Personnel Development Department of RNPP;
Olena Salnyk – Project Manager of the Chornobyl Institute for Research and Development;
Anna Krysiuk – General Director of Business Women magazine, co-founder of Promin Ukraine NGO, coordinator of international social projects;
Olena Bondar – Head of the Primary Laboratory, Assistant of the Ecological Department of the National Transport University;
Olesya Klymenko – Assistant to the Chairman of the SBGS;
Yuriy Hnylytskyi – NATO-NSPA Ukraine Project Manager;
Iryna Brylova – Head of the NGO “Professional Women of Eurasia in Pest Management”;
Serhiy Krivodonov – Chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian Pest Control Association”, Director of the Pest Control Center and Pest Management of NULES of Ukraine.

Photo report from the II Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine”:

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