ДН для LI

Happy Independence Day!

We stand against our enemy, we fight for our Independence! It has been ten years since the occupier set his foot on our land, and it is already the second year that he is trying to take away our freedom.

From February 24, 2022, every day has become a day of struggle for independence for us, and therefore August 24 is not just a holiday, but a symbol of the struggle for freedom and self-determination. The lines of the national anthem “Neither glory nor will of Ukraine is dead yet” came to us from the distant past, reminding us that this struggle has not been going on since 2022, and not even since 2014… That is why we have no right to give up!

In memory of those who died for Independence!

Low bow to those who fight for Independence!
Long live the free people!

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!

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