Happy Birthday, WIN Ukraine!

June 19 is a special day for WiN Ukraine, because today our team is still very young, but such a powerful one, celebrates its first birthday!

And right now I want to remember all our big and small victories this year!

On November 27, 2020, the II Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” was held with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign experts in the nuclear sector;

On the same day, the WiN Ukraine Award Ceremony was held for the first time In February 2021, our team first opened the doors of its new office;

On March 4, WiN Ukraine together with SE “Energoatom” held a launch forum on professional development of women in nuclear energy;

On April 27, the Director General of the IAEA paid an official visit to the office of our Organization;

On April 29, a thematic webinar dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster was held, “Women of Chornobyl: radiation safety yesterday, today, tomorrow”;

Our experts participated in many online seminars on the promotion of gender equality in the nuclear field and other thematic events during the year!

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the establishment of our Organization and supported us in every way, namely Ukrainian and foreign partners!

There is a lot of new and interesting things ahead, so we want to wish us success, creative inspiration, confidence and strength to overcome all obstacles on the way to the desired goals!

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