Forum “Nuclear energy: an incentive for sustainable development. The role of women in R&D, security and safety”

Forum “Nuclear Energy: an incentive for sustainable development. The role of women in R&D, security and safety”, which took place on November 25, 2021, brought together representatives of State and Government, industry, business and science, world experts, leaders of international organizations.

In her welcoming speech, the President of WiN Ukraine Margaryta Rayets noted that the role of nuclear energy in climate change, promoting gender parity in professional circles and providing the industry with the personnel is becoming increasingly important and relevant, what actually led to this year’s Forum.

“The atom, as a guarantee of energy independence, needs attention and comprehensive support, both outside the country and inside it. Therefore, the support of women professionals, the promotion of gender parity by men, the proper level of interaction between the authorities, the movement in a single policy vector, as well as the interaction of government and the public sector are very important today”, said Margaryta.

Kateryna Levchenko, Ukraine’s Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, was one of the first to open the event. “We see security not only as the absence of war. This is a matter of man-made, environmental, psychological safety. Therefore, in this context, the work carried out by WiN Ukraine is very relevant and meets modern challenges”, said Kateryna.

During her introductory speech, Dominique Mouillot, President of WiN Global, spoke about the new Initiative – Women in Nuclear Security Initiative (WINS). “”Women in Nuclear Security” was born to promote and strengthen the involvement of women in nuclear security worldwide, as well as to extend the attractiveness of nuclear security career for women, especially for the next generation. Through WiNS we want to give step up and visibility to women, working in security and safety, we want to attract talents, we want to promote the development of the professional career in this area and we want them to serve as a reference to the younger ones.”, said Dominique Mouillot. 

Charlotte Birke, Senior Adviser in the Research and Development and International Nuclear Safety Department of the Norwegian Agency for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, says: “Norway has supported the Initiative “Women in Nuclear” since it was established. We applied the work, been carried out, to provide gender equality in the nuclear sector. We are very happy to see the increased share of women in the professional nuclear step and greatly encourage continued efforts in this regard.”

According to Beata Mach, Project Manager of the Office for International Cooperation of the Swedish Radiation Safety Agency: “WiN Ukraine promotes and improves women, working in the nuclear sector and encourages young women to obtain appropriate education and work in various branches of nuclear area. SSM supports WiN efforts to promote interest in nuclear technology, science and other professions in nuclear sector.” – emphasizes Ms. Mach.

The Event discussed the role of women in the security of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, overcoming the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster, environmental security and gender parity in the nuclear field, as well as the development of the Exclusion Zone and the role of women in it.

🎤Speakers and moderators of the Forum:

First thematic panel: Security and non-proliferation of WMD: efforts and the role of women in

Anastasia Nechytaylo – Vice President of WiN Ukraine;

Ruslana Tripaylo – Deputy Head – Deputy Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine SNRCU;

Valeriy Kravchenko – Director of the Center for International Security, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Studies;

Iryna Maksymenko – a representative of the Odessa Center for Non-Proliferation;

Polina Synovets – Head of the Odessa Center for Non-Proliferation;

Gabi Voight is the 7th President of WIN Global, an Honorary expert of WiN Global and WiN IAEA

Second thematic panel: Women of Chornobyl: role in overcoming the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster

Kateryna Pavlova – Head of the International Cooperation and Public Relations Department of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management;

Yevhen Kramarenko – T.a. Head of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management;

Maria Verbylo – Head of the Department for Chornobyl NPP and Spent Fuel Management of the Service for Decommissioning of Chornobyl NPP and Radioactive Waste Management of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management;

Liudmyla Lyutko – Professor, a representative of SHARE

Tetyana Nikitina – Head of the Information Research and Analytical Department of SSE “Ecocenter”

✅ In the Round Table entitled “Gender parity in the nuclear field. Achieving sustainable development goals” spoke and took part in the discussion:

Kira Rudyk – People’s Deputy of Ukraine, public and political figure;

Svitlana Kulchytska – Deputy Director of the Nuclear Energy and Atomic Industry Department, Ministry of Energy of Ukraine; Leading expert of WiN Ukraine;

Renata Yaresko – Head of the Public Relations Department of SE “Energoatom”;

Yulia Strebkova – Deputy Director for Science and Methodology of the Ukrainian Center for Gender Education, Leading expert of WiN Ukraine;

Ronda Evans – Development Program Manager, World Institute for Nuclear Safety;

Jennie Gromoll – US Department of State;

Presidents of WiN Global national branches.

Third thematic panel: Environmental safety and climate change. Health care

Iryna Brylova – Head of the Specialized Public Organization “Professional Women of Eurasia in Pest Management”;

Victoria Khrutba – Head of the Ecology Department of National Transport University;

Serhiy Kryvodonov – Head of NGO “Ukrainian Pest Control Association”;

Anatoliy Operachuk – Head of the Industrial and Environmental Factors Department, Center for Public Health;

Kostyantyn Yalovy – Ukrainian politician, public figure, initiator of Kyiv’s Environmental Strategy;

Dmytro Zaruba – T.a. Head of State Ecological Inspectorate.

The Event was organized by the Ukrainian representative office of the global network “Women in Nuclear Global” – “WiN Ukraine”, with the support of international partners and donors, namely DSA, US Department of State, SSM, US Embassy Kyiv, WiN Global and others.

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