For the first time in the history of RNPP, a woman became the operator of the reactor department

Daria Papezhuk became the first woman operator of the reactor department at RNPP. After graduating from a specialized university, she got a job in the reactor shop №2. This was reported on the official website of Rivne NPP.

According to Daria, she had a penchant for the exact sciences since childhood, so, on the advice of her parents, she entered the specialty “Atomic Energy”, clearly aware of the demand and importance of the nuclear profession.

Daria underwent an undergraduate internship in the chemical shop of Rivne NPP, where she was able to see all the production processes from the inside and realized that she wanted to connect her professional life with RNPP.

After the internship, the girl was offered the position of branch operator in RC-2 of RNPP. Daria is currently undergoing professional training and preparing for exams.

We wish Daria to continue to confidently move up the career ladder, breaking stereotypes, and to succeed in professional and personal endeavors!

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