Exhibition “Empowering Radiance”

As a sign of support for women serving in the Armed Forces, on November 3, 2023, the charity exhibition “Empowering Radiance” took place. At this event, the works of 23 prominent female representatives of the atomic industry were demonstrated in two categories – visual and decorative arts. This inspiring initiative was implemented by the joint efforts of the NGO “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” and the NGO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” as organizers of this event.

The exhibited creative works are evidence of the exceptional talent of women professionals who play an important role in ensuring the stable, reliable and safe operation of the nuclear and energy complex of Ukraine. Among the participants there were representatives of the national operator of the state-owned enterprise Energoatom, Ukrainian nuclear power plants (Rivnenska NPP, Khmelnytska NPP, Pivdennoukrainska NPP), the State Specialized Enterprise “CERWM”, the State Enterprise “UDVP IZOTOP”, the Institute of Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Training Center for physical protection, accounting and control of nuclear material named after George Kuzmych, the State Agency for Management of the Exclusion Zone and the Center for Children’s and Youth Creativity of the Ivankiv Settlement Council. Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the experiences of atomic women during a large-scale war through their artistic expression.

What really sets this event apart is its philanthropic dimension. An integral part of the charity exhibition was a fund-raising campaign organized to support women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Each visitor had the opportunity to purchase any work of art and transfer money to the specially created bank account for fundraising. The organizing committee of the exhibition also selected original works that took part in the public auction. All funds collected will be directed to purchase women’s military ammunition, clothing, shoes, protective equipment and priority humanitarian aid.

Since not all those willing were able to visit the exhibition on that day, the Organizing Committee decided to give everyone the opportunity to purchase works of art offered by the organizers until November 12, 2023, and make a contribution to charity. Information about the final collected amount of funds will be announced on November 13. All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated by the organizers to the charity fund “Zemlyachki. Ukrainian front”.

This noble cause was supported by generous partners. General partners were: PJSC “Toronto-Kyiv”, “TK Property Management” LTD and “Soborna Ukraine” NGO, which played a key role in making this event a reality.

“Toronto-Kyiv” is a multifunctional complex located in the very center of the historical and business district of Kyiv and is a kind of headquarters for many world-famous international corporations, local companies and brands, and includes a class “A” business center, shopping squares with street-retail elements , restaurants and cafeterias, event squares and shops, Holiday Inn Kyiv Hotel of InterContinental Hotels Group. The calling card and highlight of the Complex is a cozy courtyard with a wonderful view of the Church of St. Nicholas.

As noted by Yuriy Kryvosheya, President and Managing Partner of the Toronto-Kyiv Complex, Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors of Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and co-founder of Yakaboo: “As I have mentioned previously, we still have a long road ahead of us on all fronts, and thus, all of us have to be united as never before in our diversified fight for freedom and for our common goals. Throughout our professional experience, we have always built synergies and helped various partners & stakeholders who share the same values & principles; therefore, for us it was an honor to be part of such an important happening with such tremendous goal. Moreover, I would like to kindly outline that this great event is a very concrete and strong example of numerous diversified organizations, companies and teams uniting together to make true results in a tough environment. With joint forces, all of us can do even more and we have to keep on going.”

Welcoming the guests and participants, Director of TC Property Management LTD Khrystyna Styhar stressed out that ““Empowering Radiance” is a very beautiful and important charity exhibition. Considering that all the art – works presented by the talented women-nuclear engineers are amazing, as is the work that each of them does in their professional life in the field of nuclear power. This event not only recognizes the high level of talent of the masters, but also emphasizes the aspiration of each of them for peace and victory. The exhibition is also a reminder that light will overcome darkness, as our daily work step by step brings us closer to our common goal. As a team, we will continue to work and do our part to win!”“.

Vladyslav Ignatov, director of the CF “Soborna Ukraine,” expressed in his welcoming address: “When WiN Ukraine proposed the idea of organizing a charity exhibition, “Soborna Ukraine” immediately embraced the initiative. We resonate with the values that underpin this event, which revolve around aiding and sustaining our female heroes. “Soborna Ukraine” has undertaken the solemn duty of securing a promising future for the children whose parents, the brave defenders, laid down their lives on the front lines to safeguard our freedom and Ukraine’s independence. Consequently, we have spared no effort to facilitate the charity auction and raise funds to procure equipment for these valiant mothers and defenders. We implore you to extend your care and support to our defenders and their families.”

Additionally, the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Khrystyna, known by the call sign “Kudryava,” sent a video message to the exhibition participants: “I regret that I couldn’t join you in person today, but I hope to convey my message to you through this video. First and foremost, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the men and women working in the field of nuclear energy. Your work in this sector holds immense significance for Ukraine, given the enormous responsibility it entails. I also invite you to join me in remembering February 24, 2022… On that day, I was on the front lines, and, to be honest, I had my doubts about making it out alive. Nevertheless, here I am addressing you today. My fellow sisters encountered the first wave of paratroopers in the battles near the Antonov airfield. Do you recall how daunting those initial days were? However, it was our unity that empowered us to push back the enemy, to liberate the occupied territories. It was our shared faith and strength that kept us going. We were all united by a singular purpose and objective. That very faith and strength still sustain us today, despite the staggering losses. We persist in this fight so that future generations might be spared the horrors of war but remember the tremendous price we paid for this Victory. I implore you to keep the faith, to persevere, to never give in! Always remember, at what cost… Be sure to take moments to rest and continue to bring our Victory closer! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

Furthermore, several creative industry partners played a significant role in crafting an enchanting ambiance at the exhibition. Notable among them is the host, Ihor Zinin, whose masterful conduct during the auction led to the sale of all items. Daryna Kyrylko, a gifted singer, delighted the guests with her musical talents. The “Chayna Roza” flower shop, a symbol of women’s dynastic entrepreneurship with a 30-year legacy, and its co-founder Maria Kryzhanovska contributing exquisite decorations for the event’s banner. Additionally, the restaurant and an art space Normal Art Restaurant offered exceptional cuisine and impeccable service. The Ol.factory aroma branding agency, under the guidance of its founder and general director, Christina Kurganska, provided an aromatic dimension to the exhibition. In her speech, Christina Kurganska emphasized, “Fragrances wield potent influence on individuals through their limbic system, responsible for emotions and memory. This is why scents have the ability to awaken and evoke our feelings and memories. The Ol.factory team curated a delightful aromatic atmosphere for the ‘Empowering Radiance’ charity exhibition. With notes of wood, moss, citrus, and vetiver, we aimed to bestow peace, inner support, and unity upon each participant. The special aromatic cards designed for the event allow guests to ‘revisit’ the occasion and relive the pleasant memories in their everyday lives.

Additionally, the renowned MIM Business School joined as an information partner for the exhibition, significantly extending the event’s reach and influence.

Margaryta Rayets, the President of WiN Ukraine, extended her heartfelt gratitude to the entire team and all partners for their robust support, enabling the successful realization of the significant initiative, “Empowering Radiance.”. She emphasized: “This event represents a convergence of talent, compassion, and dedication. It is an embodiment of the relentless spirit of the women in the atomic sector, and their commitment to not only their profession but also to the greater community. Together, we aim to empower and uplift our fellow women in the Armed Forces, standing as a beacon of hope in these challenging times. We with Renata Yaresko (the creative director of this artistic endeavor), who played a pivotal role in curating a space where talent and creativity shone brilliantly, could not even imagine that our project will be a success, having nothing but zero budget for its implementation and being really “crazy dedicated” persons. Her unique vision and dedication to showcasing the extraordinary talents of these female atomic workers added a layer of depth and artistry to the event. She is the person who actually not only created such a unique naming as “Empowering Radiance” for this event, but also participated there as an artist! I am so proud that WiN Ukraine continues to implement its mission and gather many talented people around by building strong nuclear community of like-minded women even during such hard times, when Ukraine struggles for its freedom against its enemy, the russian federation. And the most important thing here is when the government, the public and business unite as if in one mechanism. It shows the power of unity.”

With this wonderful manifestation of unity and support, the charity exhibition, which in Ukrainian sounds like “Light that gives strength”, not only illuminated the creative talents of female nuclear workers, but also the very heart of the city! After all, thanks to the generous support of the excellent team of the general partner of the “Toronto-Kyiv” Complex, in particular, the deep involvement of Khrystyna Styhar, Director of “TK Property Management” LTD, the Church of St. Nicholas was illuminated on this special evening. Such a symbolic gesture serves as a powerful representation of the mission of ” Empowering Radiance ”, which radiates the light of truth, mutual support and empowerment for all.

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