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Exactly a month of war has passed

Exactly a month of war has passed. The fierce, ruthless war that the Russian Federation has started against our peaceful and prosperous Ukraine! The war that shook the whole world and reminded everyone what real fascism was, the one that was written about in history books about the Second World War!

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, we have a prototype of Hitler (or even worse) that is forcing the whole world to consolidate not only to support our state, but also to counter further nuclear terrorism (acts of what have already taken place!).

In these difficult times for all, the volunteer remote Coordination Headquarters “WIN Ukraine for Ukraine’s WIN”, which not only in word but also in deed joins all those who step by step bring our country closer to victory – the victory of good over evil and peace over darkness, has been activated: Oleksandr Syrota, Olena Yuzkova and Vadym Skrypnyk for “OK FUND”, Anastasiia Ivanovska, Olexii Kovalenko from his Public Initiative “Varta Vynohradar”, Civil Society Development Forum, Yulia Zhyvotenko were happy to help those in whom we were confident and whom we trusted, that it would reach the right place later. Your activity is priceless! 

We continue to move in the direction of victory together with all of you! We are working on our opportunities and connections with international organizations. So, further – will be! Anastasiia Nechytailo, Margaryta Rayets, Hanna Shepel, Yulia Zhyvotenko, Oleksii Zhyvotenko, Anastasiia Khorechko, Andrii Tykhonchuk.

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