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Diplomacy in nuclear energy…

Diplomacy in nuclear energy today is one of the effective tools in countering Russian propaganda on the international information arena. Since the beginning of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine.

WiN Ukraine joined a kind of diplomatic front, continuing its statutory activity – protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of Ukrainian citizens in the field of nuclear energy, radiation safety and technologies.

We had the opportunity to participate in various international events (conferences, trainings, workshops, etc.), where we represented Ukraine and shared reliable information with an international audience. By disseminating true information about Ukraine’s activities in the direction of ensuring nuclear security, we tried (and are still trying today) to make our contribution to the fight against nuclear terrorism, which is being carried out by the Russian Federation.

A lecture during INSEN at the IAEA on the experience of overcoming the consequences of the occupation, a speech before Japanese colleagues at the annual WiN Global conference to refute the facts of disinformation, and the stories of Ukrainians who faced the war described in the book “Voices of Ukraine” are all just a part of our activities at ambassadors of their country to this front. Ambassadors of the countries of the world, the expert environment and other interested parties from almost all corners of the planet, to whom we managed to convey important and painful things for our society, are ardent supporters of our country.

All this and much more is evidence of the proactive position of WiN Ukraine in the international arena. Further – more.

Together to victory!

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