“Current challenges on non-proliferation and disarmament: regional perspectives”

August 23-28, 2020 in Odessa, on the basis of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov, the 10th regional summer school “Current challenges on non-proliferation and disarmament: regional perspectives” was held.

The event has been organized for the tenth year by Odessa Center for Nonproliferation with the support of Swedish Radiation Safety Agency and US State Department.

This year, the representatives of WIN Ukraine were invited as experts of the summer school and made a presentation to the participants on the national system of radioactive waste management and Ukraine’s experience in ensuring nuclear and radiation safety. In particular, the mission and main priorities of the Ukrainian office of WIN Global were informed.

The representatives of US State Department, who participated in the event online, gave their approval for the establishment of Ukrainian office and stressed their readiness to continue supporting WIN Ukraine.

Also, during the summer school, leading experts on non-proliferation and nuclear safety from France and United States, representatives of leading international organizations gave lectures. Ukrainian and international students, as well as young researchers from around the world, attended the summer school, in person and online.

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