Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network

Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network (BSWN)

Is a professional regional network for connecting, advancing, and increasing the prominence of women professionals working in the fields of nuclear energy, radiation applications, nuclear security and safety, and nonproliferation.

Interdisciplinary by nature, the network brings together women in STEM and policy working in national governments, industry, civil society, and academia from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries. The network will serve as a platform to promote gender equity, professional exchange, mentorship, training opportunities, and women’s leadership roles in nuclear fields.


On November 29-December 3, over 50 experts from the Black Sea region met virtually to discuss and launch a new professional women network called Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network (BSWN). This initiative is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and implemented by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in partnership with the Odessa Center for Nonproliferation and WiN Ukraine. This BSWN inaugural workshop was the first event to discuss gender-related issues in the nuclear field at the Black Sea regional level. Three working groups were established at the workshop to create the network’s logo and promotion materials, and to establish other initial activities, such as a speaker series and mentorship program, to increase BSWN visibility and sustainability Nataliia Klos from Ukraine will serve as the first BSWN Coordinator.

At the end of the working week, there was online survey held on the outcome of the Workshop, you may see online survey results here:

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