At the seminar-forum from WiN Ukraine and Energoatom, the nuclear power plants of Rivne NPP were fully recharged (details)

This time, a wave of women’s professional development programs in nuclear energy was picked up by 40 representatives of the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Leading Ukrainian and international profile speakers conducted a training section for participants on the prospects and new trends in the industry, as well as a motivational part with an interactive lecture, practical exercises and a survey on gender and equal opportunities for men and women in the company.

From the partners of the event, namely the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority – Beata Mach, Project Manager on International Policy and Cooperation, supported the participants and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation with Energoatom, what will help strengthen the gender balance in the team and promote professional development of women in nuclear energy in general.

The presentation of the policy on gender parity of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was presented by Peter Frobel, Director of the Human Resources Department, former UN cooperator (UNICEF, ESCAP, UNOPS) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and expert of Nuclear Energy Department, former Head of the SNRCU Tetyana Kilochytska.

“First of all, we should consider a person as a professional, not in the context of his or her gender,” Natalia Klos said during her speech. – The participants of our seminar are concerned about issues no less special than themselves. For example: the question of self-realization without the age restrictions – on their own willingness to “move mountains.” It is very nice to hear inspiring stories from the women of Rivne NPP, who were able to realize themselves in the chosen field, and, at the same time, to see the support of the management of the nuclear power plant. This is a good motivation for professional growth, as well as a significant marker of industry development,” said Natalia Klos, Director of Regional Development and Cooperation at WIN Ukraine. In her speech, she revealed the concept of “gender” and the stereotypes that arise in society regarding this concept, as well as aspects of Ukrainian legislation on gender equality.

Pavlo Pavlyshyn, General Director of Rivne NPP, noted that the issue of women’s professional development is relevant all over the world today – and this is a trend not only of nuclear energy. “As for the Rivne NPP, the main thing for us is the desire to work, the desire to build a career, to develop. In the foreground – knowledge and quality of work. We have never divided and, probably, we will not divide our team by gender. Professionalism comes first,” he said.

“Gender policy is not only about equal rights and opportunities, it is also about family values. After all, the team is also a family, and therefore there should be a place of respect, mutual understanding, harmony and the absence of any manifestations of discrimination, both on the basis of gender and age. Analyzing the anonymous questionnaires, I was pleasantly surprised that our participants noted that neither a career affects family relationships, nor the performance of domestic and parental responsibilities does not affect professional development. Therefore, it is our foundation in building decent working conditions and increasing the prestige of professions in nuclear energy. And Energoatom should set a positive example for the whole industry, ”said Renata Jaresko, Head of the Public Relations Section of SE “Energoatom” Communications Department.
The participants also received a loud motivating speech from the expert of WiN Ukraine – woman in nuclear energy, former acting head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management Kateryna Pavlova. Citing examples of the world practice of women’s struggle for their rights, she drew attention to her own professional experience and victories, emphasizing that the energy sector is a strategic direction for humanity, so the gender approach to its development and security is integral.

Business coach Olena Yuzkova spoke about the peculiarities of leadership in the modern world. During the interactive part, she involved the participants in the implementation of practical tasks of working with their own “brand”, leadership development and the formation of a plan for personal and professional growth. She also stressed that women’s leadership and the environment will be the main trends of the next 10 years, and those organizations that understand it will always be ahead.

“The WIN Ukraine team expresses its respect to Energoatom for its treatment of
women and fruitful work on their professional development, and also thanks the
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority for its important partnership support,” said
Margaryta Rayets, President of WiN Ukraine.

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