April 26 – 36th anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster

April 26, 1986. On 01:25 that day, the 4th power unit of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant was destroyed, as well as the fate of tens of thousands of people in Ukraine and around the world.

Today and forever, we honor the memory of those who sacrificed their lives to save the world from the deadly effects of the destroyed reactor. We express our deep respect and high regard to the professionals who still perform responsible and diligent work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

These 36 years of continuous struggle against the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster clearly demonstrate how pivotal it is to learn tragic lessons, remember the price of mistakes to never make them again, and cherish what has been preserved and restored in every possible way.

This is what the logo designed by artist Iryna Nalyvaiko specifically for WiN Ukraine symbolizes. The atom is not for war, destruction and annihilation. The atom is for peace and development!

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