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Appeal of WiN Ukraine President Margaryta Raets

Dear friends, colleagues from the nuclear sphere from all over the world and just caring people!

There are some ways to urgently help those who have suffered from Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Please share the truthful information about Russian military invasion and acts of nuclear terrorism in Ukraine all around the World. The information battle is a strong support!!!

If you have some capabilities to temporarily accommodate families or mothers with children, or women, please let me know directly so that I can share this information further among our Ukrainian colleagues!

Our WiN Ukraine volunteers and experts dealing with nuclear sphere have established a remote Coordination Campaign under my personal surveillance to help families and persons affected by the Russian military attack on Ukraine (to buy food, basic necessities, gasoline, medicines, etc. or even financially help to relocate or face consequences). Money is not everything but it is also needed for supporting lives now, as many of them are currently in occupied places around the exclusion zone, or personally bravely defend the NPP of Ukraine and other critical infrastructure.

Due to the bureaucratic impossibility of creating a separate account at the moment, funds and donations can be sent  directly via SWIFT, Western Union, Wise or just direct transfer by card (NB: purpose of payment – financial aid/donation for suffered families):

📢to the local coordinator:
Aleksej Zhivotenko
IBAN UA633052990000026203892340176
Currency: UAH

📢to any of my accounts:
(For direct payment, payment via IBAN)
Marharyta Raiets (Reiffeisen Bank Aval):
IBAN UA903229040000000262071494777
Card number: 
4119 9700 7008 6198, Currency UAH

(For Western Union):
 Margaryta Rayets

(For SWIFT in Euro (Privatbank):
Margaryta Rayets
Account 5168745320472514
JSC CB Privatbank, 1D Hrushevskogo Str, Kyiv,01001 Ukraine
Swift code/BIC: PBANUA2X
IBAN: UA343052990000026205746637609

(For SWIFT in USD):
Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen BANK, Kyiv, Ukraine

With your support, we will try to help as many as possible in the current conditions.

Stay safely nuclear! ☢️🧡
Stay with Ukraine! 💛💙

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