Annual Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine”

From November 24 to 26, WiN Ukraine holds a number of traditional and new thematic events with the participation of leading experts, leaders of international organizations and high-ranking officials as part of the Annual Conference (this year – in a different format) with the support of international partners, including the Norwegian Radiation Safety Agency (DSA).

– First all-Ukrainian student competition (Nucleathon “WiN for WiNners”) on November 24-25;
– Forum “Nuclear energy: an incentive for the sustainable development. The role of women in R&D, security and safety” November 25;
– II “WIN AWARD-2021” Ceremony for Nuclear Energy Professionals on November 26.

Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation in Ukraine and more severe restrictions, the organizers of the Annual WiN Ukraine Conference decided to hold the planned events mostly online.

Links to the registration and online viewing of the events, as well as the agenda will be published soon. Follow our announcements!

In the meantime, we offer to remember last year Conference “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” and accurate theses from our esteemed speakers, which marked it.

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