WiN Ukraine

what we do?

About us

WiN Ukraine operates in accordance with the goals and objectives of Women in
Nuclear (WiN) Global, a global non-profit organization founded in 1992, that
unites, supports and encourages primarily women professionals working in the
nuclear field. Men are also members of this global network.

The representative office of Ukraine, accredited by WiN Global, was officially
opened on June 19, 2020, the first President and co-founder of which was
Margaryta Rayets (who at that time used to work as the Head of The
International Cooperation Department of the Central Enterprise for Radioactive
Waste Management of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone


Margaryta Rayets

WiN Ukraine President


Anastasiia Nechytailo

WiN Ukraine Vice President



Development and support of comprehensive cooperation between women and
men in the nuclear field, exchange of information, knowledge and professional experience, building the scientific potential of women professionals, creating a network of business contacts, supporting women in STEM.

The main goals and objectives of WiN Ukraine:

– providing analytical and advisory assistance to state and international institutions on issues related to environmental, cultural, educational, social issues of nuclear energy, radiation safety and technology, as well as promoting the development and implementation of relevant projects;
– dissemination of WiN Global values;
– implementation of youth professional mentoring programs;
– promoting the implementation of the activities on gender equality in the nuclear sphere;


The main goals and objectives of WiN Ukraine:

– support and development of scientific potential of women – specialists in the field of nuclear energy use;
– education on the use of nuclear energy, ensuring nuclear and physical nuclear and radiation safety;
– popularization of the nuclear energy use to meet the needs of society;
– participation in activities aimed at developing a dialogue with the public to promote information about the actual contribution of women to the development of nuclear energy, radiation safety, nuclear technologies and much more.