WiN Ukraine

what we do?

About us

WiN Ukraine is the national representative office of the global organization Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global. Founded in 1992, WiN Global brings together women nuclear professionals to support, develop and promote their role in the industry.

The charter of WiN Ukraine was developed in accordance with the goals and objectives of WiN Global, the national office was accredited at the headquarters in Vienna on June 19, 2020.

Along with this, our organization is an independent non-profit Ukrainian institute of civil society that conducts its activities in accordance with the national interests of Ukraine, protecting and promoting them inside the country and abroad, that is, engaged in cultural diplomacy.

WiN Ukraine cooperates with state and international institutions dealing with issues of ecology, culture, education and social problems of nuclear energy, radiation safety and technologies. The organization provides analytical and advisory assistance in the implementation of projects aimed at solving these problems.

WiN Ukraine positions itself as an organization whose members are absolutely all women and men who work in the nuclear industry and related fields. The expert community, which can be joined separately by sending an appropriate application, has about 50 people, and all of them work in government bodies and relevant institutions.

Our experts take an active part in scientific events, conferences, networking meetings
and other interesting events.

Together we build a strong community, promote the development of women’s leadership and contribute to the “atom for peace and development”!



The mission of WiN Ukraine is to develop and support cooperation between women
and men in the nuclear industry. The organization promotes gender equality, creates opportunities for the exchange of information, knowledge and professional
experience. Our mission is also to strengthen the role of nuclear energy and to support women working in the nuclear industry of Ukraine, because the
representation of women is only 20 percent. We aim to create a strong community where women can share knowledge, experience and insights, support each other and together influence the development of the nuclear industry and the advancement of the role of women in it.

Vision of WiN Ukraine:

Our vision is to become a leading organization that unites and supports women professionals in the nuclear industry of Ukraine. We are committed to achieving equality, diversity and inclusion in the industry, supporting the development of female talent and providing the right environment for every woman to succeed in the nuclear


The goal of activity:

Facilitate professional development: Provide access to educational resources, mentoring, career counseling and skills development to support women professionals in their professional growth in the nuclear industry.

Promotion of women’s leadership: promote initiatives and projects aimed at increasing the role of women in the nuclear sector, developing leadership qualities and promoting their inclusion in decision-making.

Networking and knowledge sharing: Provide a platform for networking, sharing experiences and mutual support among women working in the nuclear industry. Build a network where members can interact, communicate and find new collaboration opportunities.

Gender Equality Engagement: Engage in dialogue with the public, government and other stakeholders to promote equality and inclusion in the nuclear industry. 

We aim to achieve these goals by creating a dynamic and supportive community that supports women in nuclear and influences change in the sector for the benefit of all involved.