A seminar-retreat for employees of the SAUEZM structure was held in Kyiv

Last Thursday (December 1), on the first day of winter and on the anniversary of the referendum on Ukraine’s independence, the WiN Ukraine team organized a one-day seminar-retreat for the employees of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management and subordinate enterprises. The event took place in Kyiv in the premises of the Holiday Inn hotel.

The seminar-retreat was organized as part of the implementation of the Professional and Personal Development Program for Specialists in the Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Protection of Ukraine, implemented by WiN Ukraine, as well as for the implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in September 2022 between SAUEZM and WiN Ukraine.

During everyday busy work, we sometimes do not notice how our life is passing, and in times of war, every day of our life is worth its weight in gold. It is precisely because of this that there is a need for friendly and professional support, strengthening of the collective spirit, raising personal and professional motivation. Events such as retreats are not intended to distract a person from his problems, but rather to encourage him to solve certain life situations, to raise his self-esteem and self-confidence. Measures of this kind are necessary in times of great psychological tension and flows of negative information. And it is especially important for us that this year it is the employees of SAUEZM and enterprises who participate in our event! People who every day stand for the protection of nuclear security and radiation protection are with us today, having the opportunity to reboot a little,” says the President of WiN Ukraine, Margaryta Rayets.

Opening the event, the Head of SAUEZM, Mr. Yevhen Kramarenko, wished those present a fruitful day and emphasized the following: “Despite the extremely difficult conditions of today, we are very glad that we can be here today, communicate in an informal setting and take another step for our professional development. Considering the new challenges for Ukraine and the world as a whole, everything related to nuclear energy and directly nuclear security has simply been destroyed or is being destroyed by russia. The military aggression of the russian federation on the territory of the exclusion zone became an unprecedented case of forceful intervention in the nuclear facilities of another state and the related deliberate neglect and violation of radiation safety norms and requirements for staying in a radioactively contaminated territory!

Responding to 21st century security challenges in the energy sector will require innovation and new approaches. That is why, at present, it is necessary to continue strengthening the role of women in the field of nuclear energy, because it makes an important contribution to solving global problems today, and the representation of women in nuclear energy is insufficient.

Leaders don’t do different things. They do things differently, so a smart mix of male and female strengths in decision-making will enable us to better deal with any energy crisis. And events like today help to find and strengthen these strengths.”

Business coach Olena Yuzkova (Epoсh International Education Company) told the participants of the event about the peculiarities of leadership in the modern world and the role of women in the development of this phenomenon, who conducted a large practical and interactive part for the participants on revealing professional, creative and business abilities. All participants of the event received appropriate certificates.

WiN Ukraine expresses its gratitude to the management of SAUEZM and the staff of the Agency and subordinate enterprises for their cooperation! To be continued!
More photos from the event – at the link: https://bit.ly/3FwcWIM

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